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Promote your business and track performance using tools from Google

MediaScape Advertising is a Certified Google Partner

With years of experience and certified professionals, we promote your business using Google Ads services

As a Google Ads Agency, MediaScape specializes in using Google Ads to generate the best possible results, in a cost-efficient manner. We will help tailor and execute your advertising plan to ensure you are receiving the best possible return for your budget.

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Promoting Your Business

Google Ads provides a customizable experience, so that we can help tailor your message, settings, and budget to fit your business’ promotional needs.


Using Google Ads to promote your business makes it easy to track user conversions. Depending on your individual business goals, we can monitor user actions such as calls, clicks, forms, lead generation, online purchases, and more.

Ad Performance Reporting

Every month, we use Google tracking software to give you in-depth reports on your business’ promotional performance. This way, you stay informed on the results of each ad campaign for monitoring, evaluation, and future campaign planning.